Our role in protecting the health of our communities and homes has never felt more important. We remain open, providing an essential service to our customers who require or request wildlife services. Ours is inherently a solitary service, completed at a safe distance, with everyone’s health and well-being always the highest priority.

ACME Animal Control’s entire team is taking this COVID-19 pandemic extremely seriously. We are closely monitoring and following all state, federal and CDC guidelines regarding safety for ourselves and our society. We are finding that, while Coronavirus is everyone’s primary and overarching priority, our service is essential and can be delivered without close human contact.  Our work is, by its nature, solitary and socially isolated. Customers are continuing to call us for our services and we are continuing to respond.  Wildlife can be extremely destructive, impossible to ignore and present imminent health risks to our clients, so our staff at ACME is consistently proactive about preventing the spread and contamination of all diseases.

Here are the specific guidelines we have been following:

  1. Stay home if you are sick

  2. Wash hands thoroughly and often, including before and after each service

  3. Cough into your elbow

  4. Avoid touching your face

  5. Stay more than 6 feet apart from other people

  6. Check temperature each morning, prior to leaving office

  7. Wear a mask or cloth covering when entering customer's homes

  8. Screen customer calls and implementing a mandatory 14-day waiting period for any customers who confirm that have been exposed to COVID-19


 Service at a Distance

ACME’s technicians, when possible, check in with our customers briefly before getting on with a new job.  Ours is a solitary service, delivered outside, in attics and on roofs and other places that wildlife trapping and repair of their damage occurs.

  • Our check-ins may be briefer or via text and e-mail

  • We will distance ourselves from people when we do check in

  • We will avoid physical contact such as shaking hands or even bumping elbows at this point

  • We will wear gloves and practice social distancing when having customers sign invoices

Your Safety is Our Priority

Given that we work with nuisance wildlife that carry and spread diseases, our staff at ACME is well accustomed to important hygiene protocols required by the CDC, local, state and federal government.

Our thoughts are with all those affected by this outbreak, we will keep you informed as we navigate this evolving situation.

Thank you for being a valued customer of ACME Animal Control Services.


Office: (757) 962-0030

Fax: (757) 321-8460

1518 Springmeadow Boulevard, Norfolk, VA 23518