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ACME Animal Control

WILDLIFE REMOVAL & BEE CONTROL SERVICES Serving:The Entire Hampton Roads Area: Norfolk, Virginia Beach, Chesapeake, Portsmouth, Suffolk, Franklin, Smithfield and the Peninsula.....757-962-0030

Services Provided
Animal-Wildlife Removal
Bees,Wasps,& Hornets
Damages & Repairs
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A Visit with Naoma with : 
Monocled Cobra Video: 
Rattlesnake Video :
Brian with an Opossum caught in Norfolk, VA.       Brian with a young Squirrel that was rescued after it was knocked out of its nest during a strong storm.
An average Day, Brian just trapped a family of    A Catalina Macaw saved from a Bird Confiscation in
squirrels out of an attic in Virginia Beach, VA!    Norfolk, VA back in the summer of 2006
  Brian educating his daughter, Bethany, on 
  American Alligators