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WILDLIFE REMOVAL & BEE CONTROL SERVICES Serving:The Entire Hampton Roads Area: Norfolk, Virginia Beach, Chesapeake, Portsmouth, Suffolk, Franklin, Smithfield and the Peninsula.....757-962-0030

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Raccoon Feces in Attic
Raccoons will leave Feces in an Attic or on a Roof to mark their territory to other Raccoons.
Raccoon Feces can harbor Parasites like Raccoon Roundworm, which can infect Humans, even when the Feces is dry.
 Rat Feces Found on top of the Drop Ceiling Tiles inside of an Office Building
Rodent Entry Points:
Rat Holes chewed in Old Foundation Vents leading directly under a house
Foundation Vents with damaged screens or No screens allowing rodent entry under house crawl space areas
Newly Installed Foundation Vents and Foundation Vents re-screened with a 100% Rodent/Animal Proof Screening completed by ACME Wildlife Professionals

Pigeon Feces in Attic

(Before CLEAN-UP)....



(After CLEAN-UP)....
Raccoon Foot prints going up a column on a Front Porch in Norfolk, VA. The Raccoon was living inside of the Chimney and had the soot/ash all over it's feet, making it easy to identify the problem.

Raccoons often enter an Attic through an Attic Gable/Roof Vent (Notice the footprints on the siding around the vent). Newspaper or Duct tape is placed inside the entry point after the animals are removed to monitor for activity before it is Sealed/ Repaired.




This was Nesting Material found in an Attic in Chesapeake, VA during a Home Inspection. European Starlings had been living in the Attic for a number of years and were constantly adding new Nesting Material each year. During the clean-up, we filled eight 30-gallon trash bags with Nesting Material from inside the Attic!