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ACME Animal Control

WILDLIFE REMOVAL & BEE CONTROL SERVICES Serving:The Entire Hampton Roads Area: Norfolk, Virginia Beach, Chesapeake, Portsmouth, Suffolk, Franklin, Smithfield and the Peninsula.....757-962-0030

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Animal-Wildlife Removal
Bird Control
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Bees,Wasps,& Hornets
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  MUSKOGEE DUCKS are Not a Native Species

  found in Virginia and can be removed off a




   MALLARD DUCKS are a Migratory/Protected 

   Species and cannot be removed without a permit.



   MUSKOGEE DUCKS are commonly found in 

   neighborhoods throughout the Area.



   A COOPERS HAWK that found its way into a  

   Raccoon trap on accident. We often get calls for 

   these Hawks when they get stuck in 





 An Osprey that was rescued, found tangled in some

old fishing string and hanging off the side of a boat dock.









PIGEONS are a common nuisance species found
throughout the Hampton Roads Area. They can carry up to 49 diseases that can be transmitted to Humans who come in contact with their feces.

 Pigeons found living inside an Attic in Portsmouth. After they were removed, the feces had to be removed due to health/ disease issues.


SPARROWS can also become a problem, commonly nesting in garden centers of department stores.



of the most invasive bird species found in

our area.  They commonly nest inside of

Dryer Vents, Bathroom Vents, and Stove

Vents during the Spring.