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ACME Animal Control

WILDLIFE REMOVAL & BEE CONTROL SERVICES Serving:The Entire Hampton Roads Area: Norfolk, Virginia Beach, Chesapeake, Portsmouth, Suffolk, Franklin, Smithfield and the Peninsula.....757-962-0030

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ACME ANIMAL CONTROL ACME Animal Control- Owner Brian Fiske with captured Skunk PROFESSIONAL WILDLIFE SERVICES:


 provided by ACME Animal Control

throughout the Hampton Roads Area..... 



 Grey Squirrel  ACME Animal Control- Owner Brian Fiske with juvenile Grey Squirrel Newborn "pinkie" Squirrels 


Squirrels are the most common nuisance animal in the Hampton Roads area.  They are very territorial and have to be re-released at least one mile away or they will come back to their "home" (Attic Area).  They can have as many as 2-6 babies per litter and breed twice a year, once in the spring and once in the fall.  Squirrels are diurnal animals, which means they are active during the daylight hours and can not see in the dark, so trapping must be done on the roof, outside the entry hole.  You can usually hear them moving first thing in the morning and in the evenings around the same time every day, like clock work.  Some describe it as a scratching or scurrying noise inside the Attic.


Raccoon in Attic  Trapped Raccoon on RoofBaby Raccoons removed out of an attic  Raccoon removed out of roof attic area 

RACCOONS are the second most common nuisance animal in the Hampton Roads area. Unlike squirrels, they are nocturnal animals, meaning they can see in the dark and are most active late in the evening and at night.  Some describe it as sounding like human footsteps on the roof and Attic Area.  They can have as many as 2-6 offspring in a litter and primarily breed in February, producing babies in the spring.  Raccoons are classified as a vector species for Rabies, meaning they can carry and harbor the Rabies virus for up to 2 1/2 years without showing any signs or symptoms.  Although, if they bite or infect another animal (i.e. cat, dog, human, etc.), that victim can die from the virus in as little as 21 days without treatment.


Raccoon Roundworm:

Raccoons carry the intestinal parasite (Baylisascaris), which is commonly called Raccoon Roundworm.  Infected raccoons shed millions of eggs in their feces, which in turn infect the environment and nesting areas where they live, like your attic or crawl space.

The most common method in which people become infected with Raccoon Roundworm is through contaminated soil.  Raccoon feces deposited on your roof will wash down to the soil when it rains.  When people garden they may become infected.  It is very important to wash your hands thoroughly after gardening.  Children must also be encouraged to wash their hands thoroughly after playing in their sandboxes.  Remember to clean under your fingernails as well.

As humans are an intermediate host, the Raccoon Roundworm does not mature.  The larvae migrate through human tissue – liver, central nervous system, brain, and eyes.  Infection in humans with Raccoon Roundworm is very difficult to diagnose.  Symptoms of infection: irritable, nausea, loss of coordination, liver enlargement, loss of eyesight, coma.



Red Fox trapped by ACME Animal Control Red Fox Trapped and removed around a schoolTrapped Red Fox Red Fox

The RED FOX is a very intelligent animal. It takes experience, hard work and much patience to trap one of these!!


Trapped Roof Rat on roof Opossum

ROOF RATS are becoming a big problem!      Opossums are nocturnal, often found living

                                                                                       under house crawl spaces, and can have

                                                                                       between 5-13 offspring per litter.

  Trapped Grey Fox   Groundhog

  GREY FOX- Fox are Rabies Vector species             GROUNDHOG (AKA-WOODCHUCK)


  Trapped Muskrat  Flying Squirrel

  MUSKRATS- cause erosion problems                FLYING SQUIRRELS- A Nocturnal species

                                                                                               of Squirrel, but not a commom problem


   Brown Bat  Nutria

BROWN BATS- often found in older                     NUTRIA- an introduced nuisance problem

neighborhoods, living in House Attic areas      



     Striped Skunk   Trapped Rabbit

    SKUNKS- often smelled before it is seen               RABBITS- damage flower/vegtable gardens



    Moles    Stray Cats

    MOLES-known to destroy a yard in search     FERAL/STRAY CATS- can become a big

    of food                                                                        problem if ignored



                                                     COYOTE- are slowly moving closer towards

                                                     cities/neighborhoods each year



Other Special Permit Wildlife Species:


    Bobcat Otter

      BOBCAT                                                                 OTTER


       Beaver Mallard Ducks

      BEAVER                                             MALLARD DUCKS, CANADIAN GEESE, ECT.




      Whitetail Deer Black Bear

          WHITE-TAIL DEER                                            BLACK BEAR




The majority of Special Permit Species are usually handled by the State Fish and Game Department




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